Vicinia Gardens Intermediate Care of Fenton

This facility is built to meet the specific need of those who are in the early stages of Dementia/Alzheimer's, that exceed the care level of Assisted Living. This unit is a Home for the Aged with 24 single suites and 2 double suites. In total, this home is equipped for 28 residents.

Vicinia Gardens Assisted Living of Fenton

The Assisted Living building was the first on site for the Fenton Campus, the building was completed and opened in the Summer of 2013. This facility is equipped with 20 private suites, housing 20 residents in total. This unit provides the comfortable feel of home with 24/7 staffing to properly provide assistance in all aspects of daily living.

Vicinia Gardens Memory Care of Fenton

The Memory Care facility was completed and opened in the Summer of 2014. This is a secured facility and is equipped with 24/7 staffing to provide adequate care to those with mid-late stages of Dementia/Alzheimer's. This unit also has 20 private suites, housing 20 residents. The primary focus of this facility is to provide a safe setting for Memory Care residents, while allowing a less restrictive quality of life.

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